Karuri Water and Sanitation Company LTD is  a limited Company registered under the Companies Act(cap 486) Laws of Kenya, the company has been appointed as a Water Service Provider by the Athi water Services Board Under section 53 and 55 of the Water Act 2002 under the terms and conditions set out in the SPA. The company was one of the WSPs appointed within the AWSB's area of jurisdiction and was responsible for the provision of Water Services within Karuri's town council jurisdiction and its environs. After Water services were devolved to the counties, the Company is now wholly owned by the County Government of Kiambu. The Company is now responsible for water and sanitation service provision within Kiambaa Sub County.

      The Core responsibility of the Company is to bring about efficiency, economy and sustainability in the provision of water and sewerage services within its area. As a company appointed as a WSP by the AWSB, the company takes charge of public resources and the staff must therefore ensure that there is economy and efficiency in the utilization and management of these allocated resources and that the public experiences change in the provision of water services within the Company's Service area as prescribed in the Company's Business Plan. This is a great responsibility and challenge for the staff to ensure the provision of quality service to consumers within the service area, as envisaged by the Water Act 2002.